MFEM Webinar Week

No question about it. This has been a tough time for small business owners all over the globe.  COVID-19 has brought policies of physical distancing that have presented huge challenges to businesses across a variety of industries.  In 2020, we have learned what it means to pivot and contingency plan.  Now, it’s time to talk about recovery.

From May 11-15, join me live via Zoom as I interview 15 experts representing different operational areas and different industries. These sessions are FREE, and we are talking about what we can do to make sure our businesses are on the road to recovery. Register for as many as you want!

Honestly, I am excited about the number and quality of speakers who have jumped at the chance to be part of this conversation. I am proud to bring you sessions with experts in functions of business such as law, business consulting, podcasting, business banking, and web design.  Plus, we have some incredible speakers representing specific industries such as restaurants, weddings, networking/events, children’s activity centers/gyms and studios, the arts, health and wellness, and bed and breakfasts/tourism.

Each session will conclude with a Q&A so that you have a chance to ask YOUR questions.  Can’t attend live? Register anyway and you will get the full recording.

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